Antler and Herb

Antler and Herb is the parent name for Two companies that been around for some time,
Apothecary's Cupboard and Black Hart Leather.

The Apothecary's Cupboard
The Apothecary's Cupboard- hand makes salves, lotions, perfume oils, and body butter. The best ingredients go into making
the products. Herbs and oils used are obtained from local and northwest sources, and prepared using Old World recipes.
Her Bruise Salve helps eliminate unwanted skin marks, promotes healing, and is one of a number of salves and products.
Apothecary's Cupboard Dry Skin Butter has a significant amount of cocoa butter, and other ingredients which promote softer,
smoother skin. She continues to research and create new products.
She also creates three dimensional quilted banners and throws for clubs and custom orders. Her banners are popular with
people who want a personalized banner or Heraldic flag for their home or encampment.

Black Hart Leather
Black Hart leather makes top quality leather goods for a wide range of customer needs. We work directly with customers for
custom orders and repairs. Your leather worker has over 40 years experience, a degree in saddle design and construction, and
apprenticed under a member of the European Saddlers Guild. He is a retired Air Force Survival Instructor and continues to
create custom designed sheaths and equipment that lasts..
Seams won't fail and cause interruptions or disappoint. Fit is always guaranteed.

We also attend Renaissance Fairs, Re-Enactment events will be at Ye Merry Greenwood , and the Midsummer Renaissance Fair.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you choose to try your hand at a do it yourself project, feel free to
email us with any questions, ideas, or problems you may have.